SCX24 Update 1

This section is where you can find all the upgrades, mods, and experiments with each SCX24 build I have.

Brass wheel extenders added to MAD MAX! I prefer the wheel extenders over the +4mm axles foe wider track, less rotating mass.

Another mod for the rear shocks was gluing the metal sleeve into the plastic sleeve(eliminated the double barrel action), making a longer shock(by maybe 2mm).

Mounted the longer modded rear shock on the left. 2mm of height can easily be seen.

Another mod was cutting off a small piece of the shock mount( making a thin spacer for the lower shock mount) Doing this mod gives the shock a better angle for "realistic" articulation.

***This mod will assist articulation on any SCX24!***

1 tire height articulation is the "standard flex" on every crawler build.

Anything else would be uncivilized, lol.

After installing the "OX" motor, I had to place the decals in proper placement.

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