SCX10.2 Gladiator Build

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Another project in the process,

the Wifey's Jeep Gladiator body.

The body was won from a #JJCustomsllc giveaway! So, since it was a freebie, I figured I would let wifey pick the colors and scheme.

Mistake #1,lol. She would pick some colors that were very hard to find, but you know the motto.

The colors are

1)Matte Sweet Fig

2)Matte Wild Honey

3)Black Granite

Yes, this was her scheme, and honestly, I'm cool with it.

This isn't a painting mistake, It's just how the purple changes from light to dark in different sunlight angles. And that's all I'm gonna say about this picture, lol, I would say the bed of the gladiator is spacious, not too much of a full hard case #Venombatteries is sticking out the back.

During testing everything went well, the alignment of the body was on point, and zero tire rub on the fenders

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