RC4WD Chevy K5 Blazer scale Interior...

I love the Chevy K5 Hardbody Blazer, so I decided to try out my creativity and skills on going as scale I could for my 1st attempt at building a scale crawler.

I knew it had to have driver so the first figure I could think of was this.

After some time(lots of time), I got Caesar to fit perfectly in the cab of the Chevy.

Thought I would add a special touch, the Nitrous bottle!

Also, there had to be L.E.D.s

And there are SIX(6) 3MM orange ones.

Why orange?

Well, in the Marvel Universe, Jarvis is orange. (Ultron is blue.)

Definitely not the best scale figure for the Chevy interior, but you know the slogan here... Make It Do ,What It Do!

Also, for those of you that are really into scale realism, here a "Pro-Tip" for ya.

Great for metal boxes, and whatever your creativity comes up with!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, your views, time, and support are appreciated!

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