Little Guy Trail King tires

After putting on a set of RC4WD Scramblers, I was only centimeters away from clearing the breakover point of " THE BREAKOVA" testing ramp.

The next step was a taller tire,

Trail Kings were the answer

Most of you know that the Trail Kings are great on the rocks(any rocks).

I wanted to see how that did on soft dirt.

I was not disappointed!

With the advice of a few in the RC Crawler community, I decided to try flipping the RC4WD stamped steel wheels for a wider stance and unique look of deep dish wheels.

Left Side: Flipped with Trail Kings

Right side: Not Flipped with RC4WD Scramblers

Which looks better?

All dressed up and no place to crawler? Not, we can crawl anywhere!

Also added some aluminum Hi-Clearance links. The " breakova" testing station is nothing to the Glady's new set-up.

Making the Glady look as scale as possible. Had to cut away some of the front fender even with flipping the RC4WD wheels. Now I don't worry about rubbing the tires when fully compressed at an angle.

Even at 385 grams and at a 51/49 weight raito, you cam still see the Crawl Innovations foam mod in affect.

There were a few brothers asking what the Wheelbase was on MAD MAX. It's around 1mm longer than a stock Gladiator, however the transmission is much farther from the front of the rig.

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