Hmm,,,MD Cheat Code or Injora Rock Buggy?

Updated: Sep 17

Two entirely different everything, between these rigs, but both are my "GOTO" small crawlers right now, lol.

*Weight Raito....That's where we're at right now on both rigs.

*INJORA Brass Inner rings didn't work like I had hoped but, when ready, I got 'em.

*Big shout out to Dirk, aka Psychogarage13.

These decals are "tight", thanks bro for the support.

*MD Cheat Code is a 50° capable comp crawler as soon as you complete your build of it.

It's 100% MIDWID material!

Bravo Joey!

These are just a couple small crawlers from the RC garage. Join the group, so you will not miss more.

Thanks for taking the time bro.


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