Customized C10 SCX24

I've had this 3d printed part made by a friend for years, then I got the C10. This is what the power of MIDWID! can create.

First SCX24 C10 with a storage compartments!

First, had to chop the section out for the storage bin.

Almost perfect, not bad for the first customization.

Wanted a flush finish, in case I add a bed topper later.

Using hot glue wasn't my first choice, but I was out of Ultra Black gasket sealer, lol.

"Experimented Experience", now I know what the heat of hot glue can do to the paint job if not careful...Lesson learned.

The only cargo for this C10 will be MIDWID! materials.😁

Finished customization....until that MIDWID! kicks in again🤣🙃

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