Giving a big shout-out to Atomik-RC

and their C-HUBS. I was looking to add more caster to the SCX10ii Honcho, with a new pro series axle housing, link mounts, and Atomik C-HUBS.

Adding in more positive caster to give the rig a better "footprint" for the tire's tread to do it's job.

I "dialed- in" around 10-12 degrees to start with.

The "modded" stock front axle weighted in at 278 grams. Those brass steering knuckles have really improves performance/ low CG.

Will the extra 9 grams of the Atomik C-HUBS make a better difference?

What is the weight ratio of the SCX10ii Honcho?

  1. Rear


There's the deal

2lbs 15.2oz


2lbs 13.5oz


5lbs 79oz

Not much of a big difference, however, this is the weight without a battery.

The battery mounts in front so there's more front weight when in motion

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